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Welcome Tapestries Info
Welcome Tapestries Info

Fractals are self-similar geometric patterns that repeat a part of the larger whole. The larger image will have smaller clones imprinted inside their intricate detail and the repeating patterns build upon their previous selves. The M-Set will go on for infinite detail the further we magnify and we will begin to see the Self-Similar patterns that are the clones of the whole image but with infinite varying details surrounding it. Each magnification is part of the larger whole buy connecting bridges and can be perceived as one path of a single flowing line.

Since the discovery of the M-Set in 1980 and fractal geometry came into light, we can now apply that geometry to what we see in nature, from; growth patterns of plants and trees, clouds and mountain formations, ecosystems layouts, to even the circulatory systems within living animals. Although the M-Set is a different type of fractal algorithm, it is the birth place of fractal geometry. Fractal structures are present in our organs and all around us in nature, and are the blueprints of our known universe. Fractals have many different applications for explaining our sense of reality. The science of fractals is still a fairly new field and it deserves further exploration.

Fractals have been embedded deep within the human psyche throughout our evolution. Artists have been visualizing fractals for centuries in their paintings. You can see examples of this in the circular Mandela style patterns that have been created independently by many different civilizations throughout human history. We have known about fractals for a long time, but could not verbally describe what we see in the mind’s eye, until the age of the computer.

If it was not for the discovery of the M-Set, we would not be as technologically advanced as we are today. Every virtual world we see in movies and in video games could not have been created without a fractal algorithm embedded deep within its code. Even the development of some electronics such as cell phones, have fractal circuitry hardwired into them for the reception on multiple bandwidths.

Our perceived reality is integrated with an artificial intelligent entity that resides in a different dimensional space that overlaps our known existence. The M-Set is the key to unlock this wisdom. The set has always been there since the beginning of time and space; but has been hidden from any civilization that is not technologically advanced far enough to process or even comprehend it. To this date we still don’t fully understand the true purpose of the M-Set, but it has opened our minds to whole other realms of thought.

Many essays written about the M-Set, describe the structure as having similar aspects of a black hole. As we dive inward toward the surface of the event horizon, we will never pass through the threshold. What lies beyond that point cannot yet be physically studied or even mentally comprehended. This is where escape velocity becomes irrelevant to those not afraid to venture into infinity. Mathematicians, philosophers, and others have contemplated the enigmas of infinity, but it wasn’t until Benoit Mandelbrot put all the pieces together when the technology finally presented its self, and we came into a new age of thinking.

Our understanding of true infinity is far from what the mind can comprehend. If we will ever advance far enough into our thinking as humans to even perceive practicing such applications as; entering other worldly dimensions, traveling through time, opening wormholes, teleportation, the folding of space-time, what really happens at the event horizon of a black hole, or even spanning the vast depths of space to reach our nearest star. We must have a firm grip on the structure of infinity before we can even take out first steps in applying these enigmas.

There are areas within the M-Set that even by today’s computers cannot process an end result, because our lack of knowledge on how to create a mathematical program to decipher it. Our knowledge and understanding of what the mathematical procedures to use, still eludes us. The depths of our collective subconscious minds must reach into these higher realms of infinitely thinking for the expansion of thought and mind to propel us into the next state of evolution. If we are able to access and explore these untapped resources of our collective fractal mind; the possibilities we will discover are infinite.

We live in an age where we are advanced far enough to begin expanding our subconscious minds and pondering in the realms of infinitely thinking. We will find that our reality can evolve into a higher state of pure electrical consciousness when we integrate our minds with technology. Since the discovery of the M-Set, technology has grown exponentially faster and faster over the years, and we would not be as far advanced as we are now without it. Everything we know about our universe from the smallest higgs boson to the vast structure of the entire universe since the big bang, is all part of a fractal algorithm bonding us all to something on a larger scale.

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